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Multifocal / Varifocal Contact Lenses

You’ve heard about multifocal contact lenses and want to know more. You’re in the right place.

What is Presbyopia ?

Presbyopia is a condition of the eye in which we lose the ability to focus on close objects. This is a result of the lens, the one which is naturally found inside the eye, ages and loses its flexibility. This loss of flexibility impedes the eye from focusing on near objects.

Presbyopia occurs to almost everyone over 40. It happens gradually and it is unavoidable.  It becomes noticeable when it becomes difficult to read, use a mobile phone or even work on a laptop.

You can WATCH this video for a brief visual explanation of Presbyopia.

Presbyopia & Contact Lens Wear

Presbyopia does not mean the end to contact lens wear. Those of you who already wear contact lenses can easily move into multifocal contact lenses.

Those of you who do not wear contact lenses, you can also benefit from multifocal contact lenses. Contact lenses will give you an alternative to your reading glasses for those occasions or events where wearing specs can be an inconvenience. Such as in sporting activities, gym lessons, dance or even for an elegant night out.

Watch a video testimonial by SARA COX for the ACUVUE brand of contact lenses.

For your convenience , we have tabled contact lenses available here below.  After you have decided whether daily or monthly contact lenses are more suited for your needs , it then really comes down to personal preference for the fit that each BRAND offers.



DAILY Contact Lenses

MONTHLY Contact Lenses

Johnson & Johnson  1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal        Acuvue Oasys Multifocal
Bausch & Lomb  Bio True One day Multifocal

       Soflens Multifocal

PureVision Multifocal

ALCON (CibaVision)   Dailies Multifocal        Air Optix Multifocal



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