Improved Contact Lens Comfort

Never settle for discomfort. Most people do not know that as with every other invention , contact lens technology has greatly improved over the years and is constantly evolving. The ultimate aim is to give the contact lens wearer the best wearing experience. Whether one is new to contact lenses or whether one has been wearing contact lenses for several years.

👀 Dry Eyes

Comfort Drops or a different brand of contact lenses may be all that you need. Perhaps switching modality ,  from daily contact lenses to monthly contact lenses, or vice versa.

👁️ Red Eye

Never settle for Red eyes. Red eye is not a symptom that should be accepted. One of its causes could be that not enough oxygen is entering your eye. Newer lens materials are designed to just do that. Allow more oxygen to the eyes. Hence less redness with a resultant improved comfort. Look out for silicone hydrogel contact lenses. They come in daily contact lenses as well as monthly contact lenses.

💦 Water Gradient Technology

Dailies Total 1 contact lenses are the first ever water gradient contact lenses. The latest innovation in contact lens material. Water gradient contact lenses have a cushion of moisture that surrounds the lens so it feels like you are wearing nothing,

💨 High Breathability

High Breathability contact lenses allow more oxygen to the eyes which support white , healthy eyes. Ask for silicone hyrdogel contact lenses such as Air Optix HG. Also PureVision and  1 Day Acuvue Tru Eye. 

Many contact lens wearers tend to accept some eye related discomfort or inconveniences . You should always talk to your optician about any symptoms  as most can be easily resolved.  Sometimes it takes a few trials to find out which lens is the right one for you.  Your ultimate goal should be to achieve better contact lens comfort.

Ask our customer care agents online if you would like to try a different lens.