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Our name says it all: We Love Lenses!

Your eyes are one of the most beautiful assets of your body. It is one of the five senses or sensory organs that our body possesses. But besides this, your eyes are the ones that add the most to your facial features. The first thing that people notice when they meet you are your eyes. Your eyes can make a strong impression about your personality and can serve as a magnetic attraction that makes others to be with you.

WeLoveLenses.com was conceived by a group of young entrepreneurs, born and bred in the optical industry. We don’t only love our lenses but we know them inside and out too. We strive to provide you with a wide range of contact lenses keeping eye care and eye health at the forefront.

Why use contact lenses?

There are more than a billion people in this world and each of them has a unique set of eyes. Just like everyone else, your eyes are unique to yourself and that is why taking good care of them is very important. Eye care is necessary when you need corrective measures to restore balance to your vision. Even daily care by washing your eyes from time to time can be a great help to keep your eyes in good shape.

To correct their eyesight, most of us go for eye glasses that come in different shapes and colours. But not all of us are comfortable with them which is why we should look for other convenient options such as contact lenses. Contact lenses are made from high quality plastic and are carved out in the shape of the human eye. It is a very thin plastic lens that is placed above the surface of the eye to correct visual defects.

Low Prices

We offer a full range of contact lenses at the best possible prices, with big savings on contact lenses when compared to retail prices. We make buying contact lenses online not only price worthy but easy, quick and secure too. With our quantity discounts you can benefit from even further reduced prices when you purchase 3 or more boxes.

Excellent Customer Care

Our dedicated trained team aim to offer you a high level of customer service so as to ensure that you are fully satisfied when buying your contact lenses from WeLoveLenses.com.  Read Our Customer Reviews on Trustpilot. We have achieved a high rating score of 8.6.

Genuine Brands

We only stock world renowned genuine, quality branded contact lens brands in our specially designed warehouse including Johnson & Johnson, Alcon and Bausch & Lomb. This allows us to deliver our products promptly and efficiently.

Free Shipping to selected Countries

Free UK delivery for orders of any value. Delivery to Europe only € 5.95. Delivery to Malta only € 2.95.

Secure Online Shopping

Current Offers as below:

Free Lenses Offer :

Get Free Lenses when ordering specific brands of contact lenses. Not only, also when you order 3 or more boxes you get double the free lenses.

Point & Rewards

Shop. Earn . Redeem. We appreciate our customers’ loyalty and reward you with points every time you purchase. Points accumulated can then be redeemed for a cash discount.

Recommend a Friend

Tell your friends about WeLoveLenses.com. Your friend will get a coupon and when they purchase you will get a coupon too.

Order Reminder

We can remind you to re-purchase after a period of time that you like . Simply select this option on checkout and we will send you an email  after the stipulated time

Email us : info@welovelenses.com

Why shop with us?

You can buy these lenses from the optical stores near your location or you can buy contact lens online. Going to an optical shop and choosing a lens is a tiresome task as it takes up a lot of your time. We Love Lenses is an online contact lens seller that can make the process of purchasing a contact lens much more convenient than before. We are based in UK and are one of the leading contact lens sellers in UK. If you wish to buy contact lenses online UK, we are the name you can trust.

At We Love Lenses, we offer you a bevy of contact lenses to choose from. Whether it is prescribed contact lenses you are looking for, or just a pair of cosmetic and coloured lenses, we can cater to your every need. Infact, if you are staying in Europe, we are the best place to buy contact lenses online. Our fast shipping and delivery services ensure that you can lay your hands on your pair of lenses in a jiffy (literally). Get a fast and hassle free delivery of contact lenses in UK and other parts of Europe when you buy contact lens online from We Love Lenses.

We are suppliers of prescription as well as cosmetic lenses and other eye care products. All the products listed on our website are of the highest quality. This is because we sell products only from the genuine brands. The benefit of buying contact lenses online from us is that you get genuine products made from the highest quality materials delivered right at your doorstep. We sell contact lenses from some of the most well-known manufacturers in the world. Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Sauflon, Thema, Centro style, Contapharm, Cooper Vision, etc. are some of the few.

Here at We Love Lenses we have categorized our products into different categories so that you can make your choice with ease. Here you can shop for contact lenses on the basis of the manufacturer or the brands, or you can shop for them on the basis of category such as prescription or cosmetic, etc. You can even buy contact lenses online at We Love Lenses based on the type of usage.

We Love Lenses is a complete online eye care products retailer in UK which deals in almost all types of contact lenses, lens care products, eye care products, reading glasses, swimming goggles, etc. If you wish to buy contact lenses online UK and other eye care and lens care products online, then We Love Lenses is the place you would want to be. We even provide you with free shipping facility when you buy contact lenses online UK.

Shop by your needs

Tell us what type of contact lenses you want and we will deliver it right at your doorstep. If you are a brand savvy person, then we have a wide range of options available for you. Select your lens type from multiple brands like The Eye Doctor, Opti Free, Dailies, Air Optix, Pure Vision, Freshlook, Biotrue, Soflens, Acuvue, Renu, Swimmi, Eye Care, and Proclear. You can also shop by category on our website where you will find contact lenses, cosmetics, eye care products, lens care products, reading glasses and even swimming googles. All these features, makes our website a one of a kind shop where you can buy contact lenses online along with other eye and lens care products.

Many of us use contact lenses often on a regular basis, whereas some of us prefer to use them once or twice a week. There are also some people who like wearing them on special occasions such as parties, concerts, etc. to enhance their facial features. To be honest, we all use these lenses as per our wish and that is why manufacturers make these lenses based on the frequency of their use. At We Love Lenses, you can even buy contact lens online based on your preferred usage. Here you get lenses that can be used daily, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis. We present to you multiple brands that offer you contact lenses based on your preference of wear. You can also order extended wear lenses that can last upto a month of daily wear and usage. Get all these amazing contact lenses online only at We Love Lenses.

Most of us buy contact lenses when we are suffering from some kind of eyesight problem. The solution to our eye sight problems is a pair of prescribed lenses. Most of us prefer to buy these lenses from an optical store, but nowadays you can also buy prescribed lenses online. We Love Lenses, your online contact lens and eye care products store offers you prescribed lenses from the best brands in the world. So now, you don’t have to visit an optic store everytime you need a new set of prescribed contact lens. Just visit us and buy contact lenses online from We Love Lenses.

At We Love Lenses, we strongly suggest that you consult with a doctor before starting to use any kind of prescription contact lenses. This is because these lenses are specially designed to correct eye problems and without the use of correct set of contact lenses, you can do some serious damage to your eyesight. We believe in the practice of proper consultation with the optician before you buy contact lenses online.

Prescription lenses and more

For those who suffer from Astigmatism, We Love Lenses offers Toric lenses to correct their eyesight. We offer Toric lenses from brands like Air Optix, Bausch and Lomb, Dailies and Acuvue. Try PureVision Astigmatism 6 Toric contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb. It’s first monthly disposable toric contact lenses made using the unique AerGel material with a silicone hydrogel technology. PureVision Astigmatism uses an enhanced optical design that creates crisp, sharp vision – especially at night and in low light conditions. Get this outstanding product and other eye and lens care products only at We Love Lenses. Buy contact lenses online from We Love Lenses and get discounts on different products.

We also offer the best brands in multi focal lenses. Buy contact lenses online UK from We Love Lenses and get the best quality multi focal contact lenses online. Multi focal contact lenses are specifically helpful in treating the condition of Presbyopia. If you are a person suffering from Presbyopia, then We Love lenses is the best place to start looking for a set of lenses. We offer multiple brands in contact lenses such as Air Optix and Dailies from Alcon Ciba Vision, Soflens from Bausch and Lomb, etc. Order now and avail attractive discounts on these lens types.

Besides selling contact lenses, we also offer various eye care products such as eye masks, eye compressors, eye drops, etc. If you are having sore eyes and general eye irritations lately, then try our hot eye masks, hot eye compresses, eye lid wipers and eye drops. All our products are made of the highest quality materials and come from the best brands in the world. Also you can avail great discounts and offers on these products. So next time when you go online to buy contact lenses online, feel free to stop at our shop and add a few of our eye care products to your cart.


Glam up with coloured contacts

For women who love dressing up in glamorous outfits paired with attractive facial and eye makeup, We Love Lenses also offers you various cosmetic products to choose from. All our products are FDA approved and are made from the highest quality materials. Buy products like make-up remover emulsions, pencil liners, make-up remover lotions, mascaras, etc. only from We Love Lenses at much discounted rates.

Changing the colour of your eyes can have a drastic effect on people around you. A coloured eye enhances the beauty and also helps you get noticed. Eye colour can be changed by using coloured lenses that can enhance or change your actual eye shade. These can either be prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses. Whatever be the type, coloured contact lenses are soon becoming one of the most preferred contact lens styles among men and women alike. Buy coloured contact lenses online from We Love Lenses.com, as we showcase a bevy of shades and brands among our extensive collection of contact lenses and other eye care accessories online.

At We Love Lenses, we have got other eye care products and lens accessories like reading glasses, lens cases, swimming goggles, etc. If you are someone who is not keen on wearing a contact lens all the time, then you can choose to buy plastic reading glasses from THEMA. We have some of the trendiest designs in our collection. You can choose from classic metal frames to high quality two tone plastic and multi coloured plastic designs. We also sell trendy unisex plastic frames for men and women who love to love to underline their fashion statement with their eye wear. Check out the amazing collection at We Love Lenses, from where you can not only buy contact lenses online but even shop for other eye wear accessories.

Affordable contacts and free shipping

When you shop at We Love Lenses, you get some of the most affordable lenses in UK. Usually it is a misconception that contact lenses come with hefty price tags. This is totally not true because when you buy contact lens from us, you get some of the best discounts and offers on our contact lenses and eye care products. Get cheap contact lenses online UK only at We Love Lenses. Moreover, when you order contact lenses from us, you can also get free lenses. This offer is valid only on specific brands and is limited only for orders of contact lenses and not for any other products listed on our site. You can also avail our super offer, where you can get double the free lenses when you order 3 or more boxes. So hurry up avail our offer and shop for cheap contact lenses UK only at We Love Lenses.

We even reward you when you recommend us to your friends. As soon as your friend orders from us, we send you a coupon which is redeemable on your next order. By recommending us to more of your friends, you can avail attractive offers and discounts on your next purchase. Buy contact lenses online at We Love Lenses and get cheap contact lenses online UK. Our shipping rates are minimal and we deliver your products right on time. We even offer free shipping to selected countries.

Come and shop with us for the best contact lenses in UK , Malta, France, Belgium , Luxembourg and rest of Europe.