Use These Tips When Traveling And Take Care Of Your Contacts

We all know that traveling can be fun, but it also can get to the best of us if we don’t plan. That being said, we must take care of our contact lens when vacationing abroad as we go in and out of different environments. A contact lens can be sensitive as they are in our eyes at all hours of the day. When you plan your trip keep in mind of a few things you should do to make sure your contacts don’t get ruined while traveling. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your contact lens receive the best care.


While you are way up in the sky on the airplane, you really shouldn’t have your contact lens on. Always make sure to bring your glasses as a backup. The air can be very dry and your eyes may not enough moisture that they need. Most of us on a long flight are going to find ourselves falling asleep. This is not good for your eyes even if you have the kind of contact lens that allows you to keep them in. This activity has even been referred to as sleeping with a bag over your head and not giving yourself air. Store your contacts away while on the plane and use your glasses for everything. Putting contacts on while on a plane can be a bit nerve-racking as well. It helps also to simply give your eyes a break once in a while wearing contact lenses. A vacation can be made for your eyes as well while you travel.


One of the most important things you want to do is have a good supply of your contact lenses with you before you leave. Never think that one pair of contact lenses will carry you through for your entire vacation. Check in with your eye doctor and see if they can set you up with a few pairs of your contact lens that you can use for the entire time that you are away. Make sure to put these in your carry on bags and not in your luggage that will be thrown in with other bags in the cargo area. Stock up on the liquids that you will need to keep your eyes moist. Get them in travel size containers that are allowed at the checkpoint line. With a plentiful supply of contact lenses, you will be ready to tackle all kinds of fun and adventure. One of the biggest things that do happen to contact lens wearers is that they lose them and have nothing to rely on. With a supply that lasts you your entire trip, you will not need to be concerned about where to get your newest lens to put on.


Make sure to bring the current prescription of your contact lens. This is very important in case you damage your lens or have no backup lenses with you. You never know what may happen while on that zip-line activity having fun and lose a contact lens. A handy prescription that you can either call in or walk into a nearby doctor will suit you well in case of an emergency. It will have all of your current information along with your doctor’s office in case the international office needs to contact them directly. If you have colored contact lenses, then you want to make sure your prescription reflects this and you get the right lens you need. Prescription colored contact lens is not uncommon as many people have opted to use them. Your goal when traveling abroad and need to visit a doctor is to let them know that this is what you are using.

What kinds of lenses to bring?

When you know you will be traveling in and out of different countries or states, a good pair of disposable lenses should do the trick. This allows you to have flexibility when on the go. This is also great because it doesn’t make you depend on one pair. You will feel confident that you can simply throw away your lens and move on to the next one.

Many people rush and don’t consider disposable lens and would rather stick with what they have. Don’t find yourself in a bad situation where you only have one pair to use. Disposable lens, whether colored contact lenses or not, give you a little leverage while on vacation and takes the worrying away. You have your choice of getting daily disposables or even bi-weekly lenses, depending on how long you will be gone. They come in tints or you can get prescription colored contacts as well. Prescription colored contacts have become popular over the years as many want to coordinate their clothes with their eye color.