Prescription Coloured Contacts

Prescription coloured contacts are available for shortsighted as well as longsighted meaning in both (-)  minus and (+) plus powers. We do NOT sell coloured Toric contact lenses.

When buying coloured contact lenses one has to take a few factors into consideration such as:

  • one’s expectations on the desired colour change
  • one’s own natural eye colour as this will have a very big impact on how a lens looks on the eye as opposed to the colour chart provided by the manufacturers.
  • use frequency – daily disposable  vs monthly disposable. On this one has to take into account cost and also bear in mind that there is only one brand in daily disposable available and that is FreshLook One Day
  • all you need to know is your power as the BC and Diameter are fixed for each brand . Once you select the power , the parameters of BC and Dia will automatically self select
  • you can avail yourself of the multibuy price even on different colours, so you can get the cheaper price by buying 3 or more boxes , with each of the boxes in a different colour.