Contact Lens Wear and Teens

Contact lenses may offer a self esteem boost to teens seeking freedom from glasses in sports and other activities such as dance or drama. Teens are asking to be fit with contact lenses at younger ages nowadays.

What Age do I have to  be wear contact lenses?

There is no set age to be able to start wearing contact lenses. Children as young as 9 years old have adapted to wearing contact lenses. The right questions to ask are how responsible is the child ? If your child is responsible enough to care for lenses the right way then they are old enough to wear them.  You can gauge this by how responsible the child is in looking after his or her things.

A child a good candidate for contact lenses if

  • Their eyes are healthy
  • They are motivated to wear lenses
  • They listen to the professional advice from an eye care professional

Any teenage who has a proper prescription can wear them successfully. Contact lenses do not make your vision worse. They cannot get lost in the eye.  They are safe and healthy and will change your child’s lifestyle and how one performs in the world.

For benefits related to using contact lenses for the sporty / active teens view our article here.

What is the best type of lens for a teen to start contact lens wear with?

Daily contact lenses in UK , lenses which you wear once and then throw out at the end of the day are the ideal lens for teens and tweens. Why Daily contact lenses?

  • Very little lens care is required.
  • No cleaning regime
  • The wearing schedule is easy to remember .
  • If you loose one you can take out another

What should you beware of ?

Contact lenses are medical devices and their use has to come hand in hand with responsible wear. Full fitting by an optometrist . It is important to regularly get check ups. Correct advice on how to wear as well as care for the lenses.

When it comes to Halloween or carnival contact lenses, be careful of the novelty contact lenses that can be found in abundance online. Some lenses may  be not approved by the concerning bodies.

Buy your contact lenses online after you have visited your eye care professional.

Disclaimer: The author is not a medical doctor, optometrist or ophthalmologist . This article has been compiled using several internet  reference sources. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. However, this cannot be guaranteed. No brand or product preference is inferred or intended . The contents of this article are not to be used in any way to inform a decision regarding aspects of contact lens use.