Contact Lens Brands

Opti Free

Opti-Free by Alcon. A worldwide leader of contact lens brands of lens care products which can be subdivided into 3 main lines as follows:.

  1. MultiPurpose Solutions : PureMoist , Replenish, Express . OptiFree Puremoist is the latest addition to the range of disinfecting solutions by Alcon. It boasts a dual disinfectant solution, HydraGlyde moisture mix, and is highly recommended by eye care practitioners.
  2. Rewetting Drops:  give your contact lenses extra moisture
  3. Lubricant Drops: Restore moistire and relieve drynes
Most contact lens wearers are not aware that their choice of disinfecting regime is just as important as their choice of contact lenses. It is also important that the two work in synergy with each other.


Dailies Performance driven by science.
This brand of contact lenses is by Alcon. Formely by Ciba Vision. The brand includes the following products: Dailies : Focus All Day Comfort, Aqua Comfort Plus, Total1, Aqua Comfort Plus Toric, Aqua Comfort Plus Multifocal & FreshLook. Over the years there has been research and continuos development to provide a lens with increasing comfort as well as increased health for the eye. The latest addition to this family is Total1. A water gradient contact lens. The first of its kind. Daily disposable contact lenses are healthy,  convenient and affordable. Healthy as in you have fresh new lens for your eyes every day. No protein build up. No deposits. No discomfort. Convenient as in you just throw the lens away at night. No lens care regimens.

Air Optix

Clear vision,  consistent comfort. Breathable contact lenses which let  you focus on your life.
Another brand of contact lenses by Alcon. Formely by Ciba Vision. This brand includes the following products: Air Optix Aqua Spherical , Multicoal , For Astigmatism , Night & Day and now also in Colors. Air Optix colors is the latest addition to this brand. The colour technology of the well known Freshlook ColorBlends brans has been incorporated into this family of breathable contact lenses. Why Breathable? These lenses are made with silicone hydrogel as opposed to hydrogel only. This allows a steady flow of oxygen to enter the eyes allowing whiter and healthier looking eyes. They also allow the user to comfortably wear their lenses for longer hours.


Exceptional vision with high definition aspheric design. PureVision brand by Bausch & Lomb. Pure Vision Spehrical, Toric , Multifocal and now also Pure Vision 2 are within this brand’s portfolio. These are Silicone hydrogel contact lenses. They allow more oxygen to enter the eyes than hydrogel lenses. The result of this is healthier and whiter looking eyes. It is also safe to nap in these lenses and they are FDA approved for sleeping in them for up to 30 continuous days. This should always be done under the direct instruction and supervision of an eye care professional. Frequent follow up visits are required when they are worn as such a modality.


A wide variety of colour contact lenses to enhance or transform your eye colour.
Freshlook is synonymous with coloured contact lenses. A brand by Alcon ( Ciba Vision). This range of coloured contact lenses includes 5 separate lines: Colors, ColorBlends, Dimensions, Dailies, Illuminate.  Fresh Look Colors are for those with naturally dark eyes looking for a bold colour change. Fresh Look Colour blends are for those with light as well as dark eyes seeking a more subtle look. Fresh Look Dailies offer the leading Colorblends colours in a daily disposable modality. Fresh Look Dimensions are for those with naturally light coloured eyes. Freshlook Illuminate do  not change the eye colour abut enhance and define the natural eye colour.


Biotrue works like your eyes. Experience the difference! This brand is the latest line of contact lenses by the world renowned optical and opthalmic manufacturer Bausch & Lomb. The name chosen for this brand implies that the lens is to true to the natural biochemistry of the eye. The consequence of this is healthy contact lens wear, comfortable contact lens wear. Bio true One day Lenses are dailiy disposable contact lenses available in 2 pack sizes, the 30 pack and the 90 pack. The smaller pack is ideal for the occasional contact lens wearer wheras  the larger 90pack is more cost viable for the frequent contact lens wearer.


Crisp clear lenses for active lifestyles by Bausch & Lomb. Soflens is the hallmark brand for B&L contact lenses. First contact lens wearers were actively wearing Soflens. Still today it is the preferred brand of millions of contact lens wearers. The brand includes  Sof lens Spherical, Toric ,Multifocal and OneDay. Therefore it covers both modalities of monthly contact lenses and daily contact lenses. Not only that but it also covers the different vision corrective needs like astigmatism and presbyopia. B&L boast the crisp vision these lenses offer contact lens wearers. The Toric wearers for this brand are indeed very loyal to this brand of contact lenses as the stability of vision achieved with such is exceptional.


The lens that changes everything by Johnson and Johnson. J&J houses all of its contact lenses under the Acuvue brand includes :  the hydrogel: Acuvue 2 , the silicone hydrogel: Advance , the newer silicone hydrogel:  Oasys, the torics :  Advance for Astigmatism , Oasys for Astigmatism, The Mutifocal : Survue. These are all biweekly contact lenses. Then there is the daily modality which include,  1 day , 1 Day Moist, 1 Day True Eye and 1 Day Oasys. J&J also provide a coloured range of contact lenses as well as contact lenses which define the eye. Acuvue brand of contact lenses are easy and convenient to wear. Provide comfort and clarity . Last but not least , they are affordable. J&J contact lenses also include UV protection in all of their lenses.


ReNu By Bausch & Lomb – when it comes to comfortable , healthy contact lens wear, the cleaning regime selected for your contact lenses makes all the difference. Renu multipurpose solution provides a cushion of comfort for  your contact wear. It has a unique formula which disinfects the lenses , getting rid of unwanted germs germs yet it is gentle on the eyes.  Renu rewetting drops provide the moisture that your eye needs whilst wearing contact lenses. It can be used with all types of soft contact lenses. It provides a great relief in environments which dry out they air for example, during air travel, air conditioned offices or homes.


Swimmi is a brand of sighted swimming goggles by Centro Style.  Since it is highly recommended that one does not swim whilst wearing contact lenses, sighted swimming goggles provide a great solution. Sighted swimming goggles are great for short sighted as well as long sighted people as they enable them to have good clear vision even whilst practising their sport or during leisure time. This brand is available for adults as well as children in an extensive range of powers. They come with an outer hard back case, 3 bridge sizes , an adjustable double strap , scratch resistant , UV protected, anti fog lenses.

Eye Care

Eye Care is a brand of cosmetics specfically designed for the eyes by a French manufacturer Contapharm. Even more spefically tailored to suit the needs of contact lens wearers who do wear make up around their eye area whilst wearing their contact lenses.  Natural or of natural origin, the ingredients are selected for their safety and results. They are nickel free, do not contain Peruvian Balm, Lanolin or Cobalt are not tested on animals. The philosphy of the brand is to offer women effective, high tolerance cosmetics that enhance their beauty . The EyeCare woman can have confidence in her beauty products. All eye-care products are designed and manufactured in France.


An experience of natural comfort by design. Proclear contact lenses are a brand of contact lenses by Cooper Vision. Cooper Vision has now acquired the well know UK manufacturer of lens care products Sauflon.  The Proclear family is a comprehensive family of contact lenses which includes daily disposables, monthly disposables, multifocals and torics. Coooper Vision boast a superior aspheric optic design for optimal visual sharpness. They maintain 96% hydration even after 12 hours of wear. Designed to address discomfort from the eyes. Pro clear contact lenses also offer a vast range of powers including very high minus powers for highy myopic contact lens wearers.