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Readers with protection case: Shiny Black / Demi Havana

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Reading Glasses (with case)

Love reading? Spending your time doing more crafts or DIY? Discovering again long-lost pastimes such as knitting or drawing? Need a quick solution for an additional pair? These made with light and flexible TR90 plastic readers go a long way on style and affordability. Ready readers are available in positive (+)  powers only with refractive powers starting from +0.75 up to +4.00, at 0.25 intervals.  
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  The set consists of:
  • one (1) pair of ready reader glasses,
  • a black protective hard storage case,
  The lenses fitted in these glasses are off-the-shelf; so the location of the optical center is not customized. We recommend that you have your eyes examined by an eye specialist every 2 years. These glasses are not recommended for driving and not suitable for children.  


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Product Specifications

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