Travelling with Contact Lenses

Vacation time is here, which means many of us are getting ready for a much needed break. Here is some useful information compiled by the Team for  Travelling with Contact lenses

Getting There

Whilst flying it is recommended that you remove your contact lenses, especially when on a long haul flight. The air within the plane is very dry which can dehydrate the eye, making the contact lenses feel uncomfortable. If you are on a short haul flight, you can opt to leave them on. However, we suggest keeping some rewetting drops handy to lubricate your eyes and contact lenses frequently. Bausch & Lomb’s Re-Wetting drops is a small size bottle and complies with the flight liquid restrictions. If you wear monthly contact lenses, we also advise you keep your contact lenses, together with a lens solution case in your hand luggage. Monthly contact lenses are much harder to replace should you have the misfortune of your checked luggage becoming lost or delayed.

Lens Type

Daily lenses, such as Dailies Aqua comfort plus contact lenses, are ideal for traveling as you avoid having to cart around lens solutions and lens cases. With daily disposable contact lenses you simply throw them away at the end of each day and put in a fresh new pair the next morning. This means should you lose a contact lens while on holiday, there’s no need to panic as with dailies you can replace them at once. Unlike monthly contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses are also advised for holidays to less developed countries, where hygiene and a good daily lens care routine might be a problem. By using daily contact lenses, you reduce the risk of infection by avoiding the use of cases and solutions, etc. As for those of you who have to use monthly lenses, we suggest that you buy small bottles of contact lens solution and re-wetting drops to comply with liquid restrictions on airplanes (100ml or less). It’s a good idea to take your eye care products with you rather than buying them at your destination because some brands might not be available. Either way, be you a monthly or daily contact lens wearer, it is advisable to always take extra lenses with you in case of loss.

Standard Care

Wherever you are, be sure to stick to the standard contact lenses hygiene rules.

– Always wash your hands with clean drinkable water before handling contact lenses.  Make sure your hands are dry before handling the contact lens to reduce the risk of eye infections.

– Never expose your contact lenses to any type of water including tap, bottled, distilled, lake, or ocean water. Water has been been associated with Acanthamoeba keratitis, a corneal infection. The only water solution you should expose your contact lenses to is a non–expired contact lens solution. See our Eye Care section for detailed information.

– Never transfer your contact lens solution. While it is important to stick to travel liquid restrictions, you should avoid transferring your contact lens solution into smaller travel sized containers. This can affect the sterility of the solution which can lead to an eye infection. It is suggested you opt for smaller sized contact lens solution.

– Always keep a prescription with you wherever you go, to ensure you are prepared for the worst case scenario. Most countries only allow you to buy contact lenses with a prescription . While eye tests are available abroad, this can be expensive and most importantly time consuming.

Finally, if you are traveling to Europe for your holidays, WeLoveLenses offer free delivery on contact lenses to the majority of European countries. Visit our Delivery section for our list of destinations.

Bon Voyage