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ReNu Multi Plus Lens Solution 120ml

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ReNu MultiPlus lens solution is designed to be as gentle as your natural tears. ReNu solution uses a unique formula that uses fewer ingredients for simple, effective contact lens care. ReNu Multi-Purpose is a recommended solution for daily cleaning, disinfecting and for storing contact lenses. How to apply ReNu Multi Plus lens solution: Rub your contact lens gently with a few drops of ReNu multipurpose solution. Then rinse your contact lenses (also with ReNu) and keep them in your case. After 4 hours your contact lenses are disinfected. Contains: a 120 ml bottle + 1 Lens Case.  A 360ml bottle of ReNu Multi Plus is also available .


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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Product Brand: Renu
Product Lens Type: Solutions
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