How to Read your Prescription

You can find the required information required to order your prescription contact lenses on:

A. Your prescription or

B. Your contact lens box

Contact Lens Parameters

There are various parameters that you may need to use. These depend on the type of lenses and  the prescription for those contact lenses. Here is an explanation of these different parameters and what they mean.

PowerSPH or PWR or DStrength of contact lenses which can be either a (-) or a (+) value
Base CurveBCA value between 8.0 and 9.0 which denotes how rounded the contact lens is
ASTIGMATIC / TORIC LENSES Will have 2 additional symbols: (CYL) & (AX)
CylinderCYLCorrection of the lenses for astigmatism (also known as toric contact lenses)
AxisAXA value from 0 to 180 which indicates the degree at which the contact lens provides the astigmatic correction
MULTI-FOCAL/ PRESBYOPIA LENSES Will have an additional symbol (ADD)
AdditionADDExpressed as Low, Medium or High

Upon ordering contact lenses or any product from WeLoveLenses you are automatically confirming that you have already worn contact lenses and are over 18 years old. You are also agreeing that your contact lenses have been prescribed by an eye care professional. Your eye care professional should have given you the correct fitting instructions. You are also verifying that you undergo regular eye checks . You are also confirming that you are  fully aware of the use instructions (cleaning, wear ability, disposability etc.,) of the products you are purchasing.