Cosmetics & Contact Lenses

Make-up application is part of a daily routine for many ladies with contact lens wearers being no different. Although contact lenses can make applying make-up easier compared to eye glasses, it is important that good lens care is always adhered to. Contact lens care should be integrated into your daily beauty regime. Ensuring you get the most out of your contact lenses whilst avoiding infections or irritations.

The number of women wearing contact lenses is on the increase. It is said that of the women who wear both glasses and contacts, 62% wear contact lenses more often. Not only do contact lenses help improve your eye sight but they can enhance your look too. Coloured contact lenses such as the Freshlook  brand by Ciba Vision /Alcon, have proven popular amongst people with and without eyesight problems. Glasses often get in the way, obstructing all the hard work you’ve put into your look, Not ideal for that special occasion! Even those who opt to wear contact lenses for special occasions need to practice good lens care as part of their make-up application.

However, contact lenses, make-up and the whole dressing up process, can have a bad synergy: Getting a lash full of mascara or remnants of eye shadow or eye liner into the eye while wearing contact lenses is far from pleasant and can result in red burning, watery and itchy eyes.

Here are a few useful tips for contact lens wearers on how to avoid this happening as well as how to handle your contact lens once make-up had come in contact with it.

Whether you wear dailies, extended wear or monthly contact lenses it is always advisable to wear your lenses before you apply your eye make-up. Yet, this also depends on your beauty routine, if you pluck your eyebrows on a daily basis then you should do this prior to wearing your contact lenses. If you would rather wear your lenses after your bath or shower, be sure that if your robe or bath towels are fluffy you rinse your hands first before handling your contact lenses.

Many woman have a tendency to finish their shower, or bath, dry up and then apply body lotion facial moisturiser and alike. It is important not to do this before applying your contact lenses, reducing the risk of any contact with the lens or eye. Ideally you should insert your contact lenses immediately after washing but should you want to apply your lotions first, it is essential to wash your hands before inserting your contact lenses. This same caution should be continued when starting your hair regime. The hairdryer can dry up the eyes fast, so blink often when drying your hair or even better, use an appropriate eye drop once finished. Bausch & Lomb Rewetting drops are ideal for this. These convenient eye drops replace lost moisture to your contact lenses minimising dryness and are available from the shop along with Contapharms’s EyeCare Cosmetics range . Eye Care cosmetics have been made specially for contact lens wearers.

Ideally you should apply any hair sprays prior to inserting your contact lenses. If you choose to apply products whilst wearing contact lenses don’t forget to close your eyes. If you visit a hair salon, be sure to close your eyes whenever they spray products. Keep them closed for sometime after the product has been applied to allow time for the spray to settle. We also suggest keeping a bottle of Bausch & Lomb ReNu Rewetting drops in your bag so you can use them after your blow-dry, preventing your contacts and eyes from drying out whilst on the move.

Like with hair products such as hair spray, it is crucial to remember to close your eyes whilst spraying your perfume, making sure you leave them closed until the scent has settled. Once hairspray’s, perfume or any other beauty products get in your eyes, they will get watery, red and itchy and there is no turning back.

As for contact lens removal, make sure you remove your contact lenses before you take off your make-up. This is irrelevant of brand or type, whether they are dailies, bi-weekly, monthly or extended wear,good lens care should be followed at all times. Using a make-up remover specially designed for sensitive eyes such as Contapharms Eye Care emulsion or lotion, is ideal after a long day of contact lens use.

Most contact lens wearers have experienced mascara or eyeliner entering the eye and coming in behind the lens, should this happen while you are still applying your make-up, its advisable to remove the contact lenses and rinse it in a saline solution. Rub the contact lenses gently a few times before re-applying. There are various saline solutions you could use, such as Saulfon Saline Solution or even Renu Multi-purpose lens solution which both do the job.

If mascaras and eyeliner tend to cause problems with your contacts, we suggest opting for brands that have been specifically created for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers. Laboratories Contapharm is a French brand which produces eye products especially suitable for contact lens wearers. They have eyeliners, mascara as well as eye makeup removers in both and Emulsion form.

Finally be sure to never share your make-up and replace your eye make-up products regularly. This is especially applies to mascara and eyeliner which come into direct contact with the inside of the eye. Once opened they are exposed to the elements and thus become a germ magnet.